Where Eagles Never Flew:

A Battle of Britain Novel

"... this one of the most authentic and well-told stories of the Battle of Britain we have ever read. ... The characters come to us as individuals who are authentic, relatable, and unique. ... "Where Eagles Never Flew" doesn't shy away from either love nor loss and, in fact, takes the opportunity to sit with the characters in their pain, their grief, and their frustration." Chanticleer Reviews  (Read full review.)

"This is a superb novel about the Battle of Britain and is a must-read for anyone interested in that period in our history. It is now 67 years since the Battle of Britain and the summer of 1940 is gradually moving from common memory into a piece of history. So much has been written about the battle from the early factual accounts written within a year or two of the battle, through to a rash of 1950's pilot biographies and memoirs and a host of novels from the 1960's to the present day, that it is hard to imagine that a new novel could be written that would make the conflict seem fresh. Yet this is exactly what 'Chasing the Wind' has achieved." Simon Rodwell

"Helena has written a book that will become a classic. It was rated by Bob Doe, one of the top Battle of Britain fighter aces, as a book that told the story correctly and he was delighted to recommend this to a wider public. This book will be enjoyed for many years, however many times you read this. Written from actual events and pilots experiences during the air fighting of the Battle of Britain, it tells the story of just why a few hundred men prevented invasion and the horrors of death camps being a reality in Britain. Never was so much owed by so many to so few. These men now have a book to tell it like it was. Highly recommended" Paul Davies, President of the Battle of Britain Historical Society

"Its high-octane descriptions of air maneuvers and daring escapes are breathtaking.... Because of its ambitious scope and phenomenal details, down to the last "Mae West" jacket, the novel is compelling, humanizing a historical event ....." Foreword Clarion Reviews (Read full review.)

"Scenes exploring the characters inner lives are compelling... [and] Schrader also succeeds in accurately portraying the bombing raids and defense missions.... A painstakingly researched war novel with complex characterizations." Kirkus Reviews (Read full review.)


"This is the best book on the life of us fighter pilots in the Battle of Britain that I have ever seen. Refreshingly it got it smack on the way it was for us. I couldn't put it down!" Battle of Britain "Ace" Wg/Cdr Bob Doe, DSO, DFC, and Burma Star

Summer 1940: The Battle of France is over; the Battle of Britain is about to begin. If the swastika is not to fly over Buckingham Palace, the RAF must prevent the Luftwaffe from gaining air superiority over Great Britain.

Standing on the front line is No. 606 (Hurricane) Squadron. As the casualties mount, new pilots find a cold reception from the clique of experienced pilots, who resent them taking the place of their dead friends. Despite credible service in France, former RAF aerobatics pilot Robin Priestman finds himself stuck in Training Command -- and falling in love with a girl from the Salvation Army. On the other side of the Channel, the Luftwaffe is recruiting women as communications specialists -- and naïve Klaudia von Richthofen is about to grow up.

A superb novel about the Battle of Britain based on actual events and eye-witness accounts. "Where Eagles Never Flew" shows you the Battle of Britain from both sides of the Channel through the eyes of pilots, controllers, ground crews – and the women they loved.