Traitors for the sake of humanity:

A Novel of the German Resistance to Hitler

They opposed Hitler's diabolical regime on moral grounds. They sought to defend human dignity and restore the rule of law -- at the risk of their own lives. Traitors to Hitler, they were heroes to the oppressed. They remain an inspiration to anyone fighting against immoral and corrupt governments anywhere in the world. (53 w)

Adolf Hitler seems to have captivated all of Germany, yet even as one Nazi victory follows another, individuals with integrity and compassion remain opposed to his regime and all it stands for. People like Philip, Alexandra, and Marianne. They feel isolated and hopeless until they discover each other -- and learn that their concerns are shared by men in the very highest places in the German High Command....

"Hitler's Demons is not your typical novel. Instead, it's more of a historical fiction reference guide, filled with deep characters and heart-wrenching side stories. Hitler's Demons makes known the sacrifices made by those who wanted to overthrow the Nazi regime and how hard life was during the WWII era. At the end of the book you'll find a helpful glossary of the German military ranks as well as a thorough Historical Note. Hitler's Demons would be a deeply moving read for the WWII buff, especially those who are familiar with the Germany of that time period. It's obvious that Schrader is a gifted historian, able to weave exciting fiction into believable truth. This is a great book for those who are already well-versed in WWII history." An Amazon Reviewer

"...a great read and one that I totally recommend. The author did a great job with all the tiny historical facts that other authors might neglect to acknowledge." An Amazon Reviewer

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