"Schrader’s (Rebels Against Tyranny, 2018, etc.) prose manages to summon the culture and time period of the Crusader states while remaining light and readable...." KIRKUS REVIEW

"...the reader can almost smell the offal and blood, feel the pain of wounds, the effects of hunger, hardship, and fear, the taste of stale bread and sullied water, and the bittersweet taste of victory." CHANTICLEER BOOK REVIEW

“Schrader imagines a rich and intricate novelistic universe in which historical fact blends with fiction to create a compelling narrative. Set against the backdrop of the Christian struggle to retain the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the early 13th century, the novel offers both an engaging and informative read.” BLUE INK REVIEW

"The author is brilliant in her writing and ... continues to offer the most exciting historical series that mesmerizes the reader." FEATHERED QUILL REVIEWS

“From  central  actors  to  more  minor  characters,  each  individual  has  a  depth  that  will  leave  readers  highly   invested  in  the  story’s  outcome.”    BLUE INK REVIEW  

“Schrader’s detailed rendering of the ill-fated first marriage of Bailin, d’Ibelin’s eldest son, and heir, to Eschiva de Montbéliard, a cousin by marriage, will capture readers hearts. CHANTICLEER REVIEW
“The author manages to spin quite an epic out of this relatively obscure historical event, bringing a vibrant forgotten world to life in the process.” KIRKUS REVIEW




The Emperor Strikes Back:

Frederick II's War against his Vassals

Emperor Frederick II has restored Christian control of Jerusalem, but the Sultan brags he will “purify” Jerusalem and drive the Christians out as soon as the ten-year truce expires. The common people of the Holy Land show their contempt for the Emperor and his treaty by pelting him with offal, while the barons resist Frederick’s absolutism and demand rule of law. Filled with resentment and bitterness toward his impertinent subjects, the Emperor vows to destroy the family that embodies the independent spirit of Outremer: the Ibelins.

While the Emperor’s deputies will stop at nothing to fulfill their orders, the Ibelins must gain allies at almost any cost. Yet with the Pope now on the side of the Emperor, Balian’s marriage becomes a spiritual weapon turned against his father.