“Schrader is a sharply descriptive writer who captures the atmosphere and minute details of life in postwar Berlin with photographic precision…The novel ambitiously juggles several major characters, and the author ably handles the tricky task of making each well rounded and psychologically believable. She provides in-depth background information that reveals not only the players’ past, but also their understanding of one another. … Overall, this is a smart and compelling read, punctuated by gripping aerial sequences, political tension, and a dash of romance. It will likely have military fiction fans clamoring for the next installment. Sharp research meets vivid storytelling in an absorbing novel of the postwar period.” Kirkus Reviews (Read full review.)

“....a spellbinding work of historical fiction that brings a unique pocket of history to life with extraordinary detail and heart. ... Schrader puts heart and soul into the dialogue and development of everyone from cover to cover. This keen sense of reality adds to the overall attitude of the piece, giving an authentic image of people caught in a very unsettling historical time. Overall, Cold Peace is a deeply engrossing novel that I would recommend to fans of military history, realistic drama, and suspense novels alike.” KC Finn for Readers’ Favorites

“Schrader has marshalled the historical facts and assembled her wide range of very different characters with both a magisterial authority and a painterly skill….[This is a] fast-paced, complex book, a wonderful mixture of hard historical facts, minutely and meticulously researched and synthesised, with raw portrayals of the human condition. Readers will be anxious for more.” Historical Fiction Club

“The author captures the different attitudes and commitments of the various Allied parties that made up the ruling powers in Berlin post World War II perfectly. The beauty of this narrative is that it educates wonderfully, as well as entertains completely. … This is a wide-ranging and expansive dive into the nature of the Berlin Airlift and I cannot wait to read the follow-up books from this superbly talented author.”  Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorites

"In her compelling novel Cold Peace, Helena P. Schrader delves into the complexities of post-WWII Germany and the roots of the Berlin Airlift. ... Schrader’s plotting is intricate and engaging. She deftly guides readers through the political and cultural landscape of a Berlin divided into four quarters... Schrader’s fiction is deeply rooted in historical fact, interweaving fictional characters with real historical figures ... [Readers] will find Cold Peace rewarding...." Blue Ink

“Cold Peace …. [is a] fast-paced, suspenseful, emotional, and riveting story that any reader will find almost impossible to put down. … The settings are perfect, the writing is superb, and the plot is very well-crafted. … Cold Peace is a riveting and wonderfully written example of historical fiction and definitely stands out as one of the best. … I have become a huge fan.”Feathered Quill

“…[Cold Peace’s] portrayals of people finding their way in the confusing postwar era are empathetic...[but] it’s the strong women who stand out most. … In the historical novel Cold Peace war heroes and strong women find their collective purpose in a war-torn Berlin.” Foreword Clarion Reviews

Berlin 1948

Europe 1948. The continent struggles with rationing, widespread unemployment and a growing Soviet threat while Berlin lies ruined under the joint control of wartime allies bitterly at odds. With the currency worthless, the population lives on hand-outs or turns to crime and prostitution. Deep inside the Soviet Zone of occupation, it is an ideal target for a communist take-over.  The defenders of democracy are on a collision course with Stalin's merciless aggression.

In the ruins of Hitler's capital, former RAF officers and a woman pilot start an air ambulance company. The service offers a shimmer of hope in the bleak landscape. However, when a Russian fighter brings down a British airliner, Berlin becomes a flash point. World War Three is just a misstep away.


Bridge to Tomorrow

A Novel of the Berlin Airlift

Book I: Cold Peace