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Helena P. Schrader

A Stranger in the Mirror: David Goldman is shot down in flames in September 1940. Not only is his face burned beyond recognition, he is told he will never fly again. While the plastic surgeon recreates his face one painful operation at a time, the 22-year-old pilot must discover who he really is. Find out more.

A Rose in November: Rhys Jenkins, a widower with two teenage children, has finally obtained his dream: “Chiefy” of a Spitfire squadron. But an unexpected attraction for an upper class woman threatens to upend his life. Find out more.

Lack of Moral Fibre: In late November 1943, Flight Engineer Kit Moran refuses to participate in a raid on Berlin, his 37th 'op.' He is posted for “Lacking Moral Fibre” to a mysterious DYDN center. Here, psychiatrist Dr Grace must determine if he needs psychiatric treatment -- or disciplinary action for cowardice. Find out more.

"Helena P. Schrader delivers complex plots through the eyes of characters you will wrap your arms around and cheer for to the very end.... These are human stories of the finest qualities to be found among warriors. Helena P. Schrader is a true master at delving into these complex psychological dilemmas and emerging with tantalizing, completely comprehensible tales of human frailty and strengths that blend into a delicious experience for her readers." Tom Gauthier for Readers’ Favorite (Read full review here.)

"This book comes at a time when memories of World War II are fading and is thus a celebration of what good can come from a desperate situation, as well as being a timely reminder of the human cost of warfare. It is an excellent publication! This is one of the best books about the RAF in WWII that I have ever read." Leonard William Smuts for Readers' Favorites (Read full review here.)

"Grounded Eagles is a truly outstanding collection of three stories that pull at the reader’s heartstrings for totally different reasons." Grant Leishman for Readers' Favorites (Read full review here.)

"....a trio of powerful tales expressing a myriad of viewpoints - male, female, young, old – with rich historical detail to underpin and enrich each offering." Feathered Quill (Read full review here.)

"Schrader excels at examining the nexus of physical and psychological trauma…. Grounded Eagles will appeal to any fan of WWII fiction." Blue Ink

Grounded Eagles: Tales of the RAF in WWII

WINNER of a Chanticleer International Book Award

for Short Stories, Novellas and Collections, 

of a Maincrest Media Award and the BRAG Medallion

Grounded Eagles offers “…compelling psychological explorations of men grappling with the traumas of war and attempting to find places for themselves in civilian society. …a grimly vivid portrait of what the average RAF serviceman might have experienced while also limning the contradictory ideals that they attempted—and often failed—to live up to during wartime. An impressive and memorable trio of works about the many costs of war.” -- Kirkus Reviews (See full review here)

"Connected by their concern for the mental toll that the war took on people, these character-focused stories build up their leads with relatable details; each works toward a heartfelt resolution. The characters’ experiences of pain and joy are palpable, and are juxtaposed ably to their experiences of the war. Rich secondary characters provide additional perspective and context." Foreword Clarion Review (See full review here.)