stopping Russian Aggression  with Milk, Coal and Candy Bars....

BERLIN 1948. A city under siege.

More than two million people must be supplied by air -- or starve. The defeated population of a broken empire are dependent on the generosity of their former enemies. 

Kit and J.B. once risked their lives to drop high explosives on the city. They are about to fly in milk, flour and children’s shoes instead. Meanwhile two women pilots and a black American nurse are desperately trying to rescue malnourished and abandoned children by flying them to freedom in the West.

Based on historical events, award-winning novelist Helena P. Schrader delivers an insightful, exciting and moving tale that describes how former enemies became friends in the face of Russian aggression — and how close the Berlin Airlift came to failing under the assault of “General Winter.”

Bridge to Tomorrow

A Novel of the Berlin Airlift

Book II: Cold War

Helena P. Schrader

Copyright Helena P. Schrader