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Helena P. Schrader


Bronze for Spiritual/Religious Fiction from Feathered Quill Book Awards 2015

A crusader in search of faith,

    a lame lady in search of revenge,

         and a king who would be saint.

St. Louis' Knight takes you to the Holy Land in the 13th century, and a world filled with knights, nobles, prophets -- and assassins.

Review Excerpts

"I gave this book five stars because of Miss. Schrader's gift of weaving a remarkable story. She takes you on a journey through a period of history and allows you to understand it better. Although this story is about two non historical figures, Eleanor and Geoffrey, it is about the story of who what they represent. Eleanor's story shows us, in heartbreaking detail, what happened to the Cathars and their innocent families who were caught up in the unbelievably cruel and barbarous Albigensian Crusade. Geoffrey's story represents the thousands of young knights and squires who believed what the church preached, that if you were to die fighting the 'infidel' you would enter paradise. ...Although Eleanor and Geoffrey are non historical figures, the story of the people and the period of history they represent is very powerful and thought provoking. Thank you Miss. Schrader for allowing me to have, just a glimpse, of this very interesting time." An Amazon Reviewer

"I enjoyed the book for the following reasons:

  • Ms. Schrader obviously knows the history of the time.
  • The characters were expertly defined.
  • I appreciate the humor Ms. Schrader employs in her work just as much as the manner she actually writes or words her sentences.

This is the third novel Ms. Schrader's I've had the pleasure to read." An Amazon Reviewer

"Once again Dr. Schrader has used her historical knowledge and story telling ability to create a wonderful read. When you finish one of her books you look for her next one. Well researched, rich in detail covering an interesting period of history. Dr. Schrader has the unique ability to tell a tell a story while teaching the reader about history. I enjoy learning from here books. The Templars were (are) just so damn interesting." An Amazon Reviewer

St. Louis' Knight