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The Holy Land in the Era of the Crusades:

Kingdoms at the Crossroads of Civilizations

Articles in Journals

“St. Hilarion, Cyprus”, The Medieval Magazine113, pp 20-25.
“Maria Comnena — Byzantine Princess, Queen of Jerusalem and Lady of Ibelin”, The Medieval Magazine 122, pp. 8-17.
“Scandalous Frankish Fashion: Outfitting Outremer,” The Medieval Magazine 123,
“Beyond the Seas: The Crusader States of ‘Outremer’”, The Medieval Magazine, 124.
“The ‘Wonder of the World’ Confronts a Righteous Baron,” Medieval Warfare, 9:5, Dec.2019.
“The Contributions of the Knights Hospitaller to Medical Care,” Medieval Magazine 127.

Helena P. Schrader